Square Enterprises Corp. prides itself on importing and distributing premium quality Polish products to chain                                                            supermarkets and retail stores.

        Founded in 1989, today Square Enterprises Corp. distributes Polish products throughout Washington State, California state, Chicago area and the entire East Coast, including Florida. It services over 2000 commercial retailers, as well as many U.S. chain stores. Our client list includes among the others Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, A&P, Super Fresh, Waldbaum’s, Pathmark, Price Chopper, Food Basics, Price Choice, C-Town, Key Food, Bravo, Fine and Fare, Food Bazaar, Associated Supermarkets, Food Bazaar, Food 4 Less, Superior (California), Grande Super Market (Puerto Rico), Carrefour (Dominican Republic), Sedanos (Florida) and others.

         Square Enterprises Corp. strives continuously to recognize and address its customers’ needs. We offer the highest level of personalized attention and a large selection of products of extraordinary quality. Our warehouses in Wallington, NJ and Chicago, IL stock a standard assortment of over 5000 different products, including grocery items, refrigerated and frozen food as well as Polish cosmetics, herbal products and greeting cards.

         Square Enterprises Corp. constantly scours the Polish market to provide our customers with a full line of products that reflect current and emerging trends. We carry goods from all of Polish leading manufacturers of food and cosmetics. Square Enterprises Corp. also distributes premium quality food marketed under the SQUARE brand.

        Customer satisfaction is our major priority. Orders can be placed five days a week with our knowledgeable sales and customer assistance professionals. Our experienced merchandisers work with each customer, enabling them to provide the very best to their retail clients.
Delivery is made with a convenient schedule to meet our customers’ preferences. With Square Enterprises Corp. every customer has a partner dedicated to his complete and total satisfaction.

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