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  • An assortment worth indulging! Explore this mix of 10 traditional sweets from Poland. Each box will receive any one of the following products listed below - all showcasing the delicious flavors from Poland guaranteed to fix that sweet-tooth craving.


    Four (4) of the following brand : Krakus

    • Gingerbread with Fruit-Filling 160g
    • Chocolate & Fruit Jelly Biscuits 135g
    • Flakes Cream-Filled Wafers 65g
    • Classic Chocoalte Covered Wafers 20g or 40g
    • Waferio Chocolate Wafers 21g


    Four (4) of the following brand: Kopernik

    • Katarzynki Chocolate Covered Gingerbreads 56g or 123g
    • Całuski Sugar Coated Gingerbread with Plum Filling 140g
    • Uszatki Sugar Coated Gingerbread 153g
    • Pierniki Toruńskie Chocolate Covered Gingerbread with Advocat Filling 150g
    • Pierniki Toruńskie Chocolate Covered Gingerbread with Hazelnut Filling 150g
    • Serce Toruńskie Gingerbread Hearts with Orange Filling 123g
    • Serce Toruńskie Gingerbread Hearts with Blackcurrant Filling 123g


    One (1) of the following brand: Wawel

    • Fistaszkowe Peanut Filled Hard Caramel Candies 120g
    • Raczki Rum Flavored Peanut-Cocoa Hard Caramel Candies 120g


    One (1) of the following brand: Pulaski

    • Blackcurrant & Strawberry Caramels 100g
    • Choco Mint Caramels 100g
    • Choco & Liquor Caramels 100g